Snowdonia Way (Kendall Alex)
69,01 zł
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Guidebook to walking the Snowdonia Way in Wales, a long-distance route through Snowdonia National Park from Machynlleth to Conwy. Low-level route of 97 miles 6 to 8 stages includes Pass of Aberglaslyn, Ogwen Valley and Aber Falls. The mountain route is 122 miles in 9 stages, including Cadair Idris, Snowdon and Glyders. With planning information.
Identity in Question (Sachdeva Swati Akshay)
137,86 zł
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pIdentity in Question The Study of Tibetan Refugees in Indian Himalayas focuses on the socio-economic profile and the question of identity among the diasporic Tibetan communities, particularly those settled in Indian Himalaya. ppThrough incorporating the notion of integration, essential in the formation and formulation of an individual's identity, this book explores Tibetan refugees' feelings as to whether a shared consensus between themselves and others exists, or whether a sense of dislocation is experienced. This important and timely work also sheds light on the question of identity crisis among Tibetan youths as well as conflicting gender role identity of the Tibetan women refugees.ppDelving into such topics is essential for the increased understanding of the various situations encountered by the diasporic communities of Tibet. Therefore, individuals who are seeking to understand the issue by means of academic engagement and through a policy framework process will benefit from this work.p
Foxton Primary Science (Tyrrell Nichola)
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EAN: 9781839250101Tyrrell NicholaFoxton Books 2020
Deliciously Pescatarian (Aiello Jacob)
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pstrong 55 discount for bookstores! now at 25.95 instead of 36.95 strongppbrppstrongAre you looking cookbook for a nutritious, organic, with countless elements that can trigger natural fat loss, and improve your health and morestrongpp pAre you looking for a recipes cookbook all about pescatarian diet p ppYour customers will never stop using this fabulous cookbook!ppbrppThe vegetarian diet has strong benefits on human body and it is surely healthy and responsible. Someone though might decide that cutting meat at 100 does not fit his macros or eating preferences and that is where the strongPescatarianstrong diet kicks in.pp ppemThe pescatarian diet is a wish come true for anyone who's been having such desires or wishes, because it allows you to have a somewhat flexible plant-based diet experience. What's more, you get the benefits of the plant-based diet without feeling too deprived because you can't have meat!empp ppAs the name let you easily guess, this diet is a combination of the vegetarian diet adding strongfishstrong and strongseafoodstrong for a better calories and nutrients intake.ppSeafoods and fish are rich in strongOmega 3strong, good fatty acids and proteins, giving to the plant based diet an overall better balance, especially for athletes but also for normal people.ppbrppThis cookbook is simple, with quick and easy delicious dishes with Calorie counts and nutrition details! There are 50 mouth-watering recipes like pp ppstrong strongstrongSALT AND PEPPER SHRIMPstrongppstrong strongstrongWALLEYE PICKEREL WITH BUTTER AND LEMONstrongppstrong strongstrongMUSHROOM SPINACH MUFFINSstrongppstrong strongstrongMARINATED GINGER GARLIC SALMONstrongppstrong strongstrongHEALTHY SALMON PATTIESstrongppstrong strongstrongSUPER HEALTHY TILAPIAstrong
Preparing Your Heart for the High Holy Days (Olitzky Kerry M.)
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This spiritual guided journal will help you prepare your heart and soul for the Jewish New Year.
Chinese Military Dictionary (War Department)
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This dictionary contains the military vocabulary of the U.S. Army and the Chinese Army. It contains the words of everyday life which are used in military affairs without any specialization of meaning. Itw was designed primarily to serve U.S. personnel in their contact with the Chinese military. Chinese expressions are given throughout in characters and in the Wade-Giles Romanization. Unlike a standard dictionary which gives the definition of the words, this book contains a translation andtransliteration of the Chinese words used by the military. Due to the age of the document, some of today's terminology is noticeably lacking drones, internet, cyber and informatization, but the rest is pretty familiar. Unfortunately, I was only able to find a copy that was in poor condition so some of the pages are chopped off at the edges but there is enough to make out most of it. If anyone has a good copy, I would be glad to borrow it, scan the missing information and release an update. Otherwise, this is the best anyone can do with this material. pbWhy buy a book you can download for free We print this book so you don't have to.b pFirst you gotta find a good clean legible copy and make sure it's the latest version not always easy. Some documents found on the web are missing some pages or the image quality is so poor, they are difficult to read. We look over each document carefully and replace poor quality images by going back to the original source document. We proof each document to make sure it's all there - including all changes. If you find a good copy, you could print it using a network printer you share with 100 other people typically its either out of paper or toner. If it's just a 10-page document, no problem, but if it's 250-pages, you will need to punch 3 holes in all those pages and put it in a 3-ring binder. Takes at least an hour. pbIt's much more cost-effective to just order the latest version from Amazon.comb pThis book includes orig
Five Enormous Dinosaurs [With CD (Bonner Will)
38,51 zł
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Five enormous dinosaurs, letting out a roar. One stomped away... and then there were four Children will love stomping, roaring and singing along to this fun rhyme, which will help to develop number skills. Bouncy illustrations, innovative die cutting and popular rhymes make Books with Holes a must for every child. This edition of the book includes a CD
Report And Collections Of The Nova Scotia Historical Society For The Years 1882-1883 (Unknown)
60,18 zł
*Cena została zaktualizowana 13.07.2024
The book, Report And Collections Of The Nova Scotia Historical Society For The Years 1882-1883 Volume Iii, has been considered by academicians and scholars of great significance and value to literature. This forms a part of the knowledge base for future generations. So that the book is never forgotten we have represented this book in a print format as the same form as it was originally first published. Hence any marks or annotations seen are left intentionally to preserve its true nature.
Homo americanus (Sunic Tomislav)
69,01 zł
*Cena została zaktualizowana 13.07.2024
In this book Dr. Tomislav Sunic describes the origins and dynamics of America's founding myths. Quoting and translating from many long-forgotten or suppressed sources from the fields of literature, history, anthropology and philosophy, the book represents an interdisciplinary compendium dealing with the topic of Americanism. The genealogy of early Calvinist Puritanism mixed with the techno-scientific religion of boundless economic progress and legally veiled in the obscure para-Biblical and Jewish-inspired sense of political self-chosenness, created a system that has little in common with its original design. Postmodern Americanism, with its abstract theories of multiculturalism and its global desire for world improvement, turned America into a menacing and self-destructive continent that puts not only the survival of America's European heritage at risk, but threatens the heritage of other peoples worldwide as well.
Confessions, The Social Contract, Discourse on Inequality, Discourse on Political Economy & Discourse on the Effect of the Arts and Sciences on Moral
133,36 zł
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pA collection of the essential works of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, one of leading thinkers of the Enlightenment. The Confessions, regarded as the first modern autobiography, combines a retelling of the first fifty three years of his eventful with life, with astute psychological self-analysis. The Social Contract and Discourse on Inequality are cornerstones of modern political and social theory.p
443,59 zł
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EAN: 9781634632294Nova Science Publishers Inc 2014
Tormented Virgin (Keefauver John D.)(Paperback)
48,51 zł
*Cena została zaktualizowana 13.07.2024
pOriginally published in 1962, John D. Keefauver's Tormented Virgin is one of a thousand pulp novels that sought to entice readers with a salacious story. The novel follows Gene through his romance with the young and attractive Faye, as well as his attraction to Mickey--the lesbian who is attempting to seduce Faye--and also Mark, his own best friend. This confusion of gender and attraction creates a subversively queer milieu for a novel. Keefauver's novel is not only emblematic of mid-20th-century mainstream society's view of bisexuality, but a growing awareness of sexual energy and the struggle of queer individuals in a ''new America.'' Lethe Press is proud to release this pulp novel, rescued from literary oblivion primarily for its provocative character, with a foreword by scholar Lee Mandelo and an afterword by author Scott Nicolay. Featuring new artwork by modern pulp master James O'Barr. p
Bisexual Buckaroos (Tingle Chuck)
61,51 zł
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Everyone has a preferred pound, and this truth is an important part of what makes us special, important and unique. While some buckaroos enjoy the touch of a male bud, others prefer the embrace of a beautiful woman. This particular collection is for those who want it all, and prefer to express this bisexual attraction in a group setting. pBisexual Buckaroos Seven Bi Group Encounters In The Tingleverse proves there's more than one way to prove love is real. Included within are the following erotic tales pBISEXUALLY SANDWICHED BY MY SENTIENT PEANUT BUTTER HUSBAND AND OUR NEW LIVING JELLY GIRLFRIEND pMY HUSBAND AND I FIND OUR UNICORN AND SHE'S A BIGFOOT ALSO MY HUSBAND IS A DINOSAUR pWE ARE LOVING BISEXUALS AND THEY ARE LIVING BICYCLES pSHE'S A SENTIENT SHAMPOO AND HE'S A LIVING CONDITIONER WHO WANTS TO POUND MY BUTT pBISEXUAL POLYHEDRAL ROLE-PLAYING DICE ORGY pSENTIENT BISEXUAL KETCHUP AND MUSTARD GET ME OFF pBISEXUALLY BANGED BY MY LIVING LEFT AND RIGHT HEADPHONES
La Azotea (Tras Fernanda)(Paperback)
41,01 zł
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pEn un apartamento en ruinas, en una ciudad uruguaya sin nombre, un padre y su hija se encierran y se a slan del mundo exterior. El mundo es esta casa, dice Clara. La azotea se vuelve su ltimo y nico acceso a la libertad. Hay un solo testigo el canario.A medida que los v nculos de Clara con el afuera se van extinguiendo -la vecina que deja de venir, el novio cuya existencia es aparente solo a trav s de un embarazo-, la desesperaci n y la paranoia van tomando protagonismo. Es un abrazo que asfixia, y nosotros estamos aqu con ella, nuestra narradora, aterrados ante lo que trae el devenir.ppIn a rundown apartment building, in an unnamed city in Uruguay, a father and daughter close themselves off from the world. 'The world is this house', says Clara, and the rooftop becomes their last recess of freedom. A pet canary is their only witness. As Clara's connection to the outside is stripped away--the neighbor who stops coming by, the lover whose existence is only known by a pregnancy--desperation and paranoia take hold. It's a stifling embrace, and we are there with her, our narrator, dreading what we know the future holds. p
The Prometheus Incident (Liaigh Joseph H. J.)
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It was the ultimate cold case. The murders occurred on Mars twenty years ago, so how can Detective Inspector Richardson, a local policeman from Melbourne, Australia, track down the murderer - and why is he being asked to Twenty years ago, the Prometheus landed in the Hellas Basin on Mars and all the crew died from unknown causes. When an historic site survey crew arrive, they find that the circumstances of the deaths weird and inexplicable. Yet secret coded instructions from the UN space agency HQ on Earth indicates that these circumstances were somehow known in advance. This is murder and Detective Inspector Richardson, a local detective from Melbourne, is called in to solve the case. There are only four people with means and opportunity, all of them are highly focused, very intelligent and none of them, apparently, has a convincing motive. Richardson must sort out their stories to find the guilty, all the time wondering why he was given this job at all.
The Boy in the Field (Livesey Margot)(Paperback)
76,85 zł
*Cena została zaktualizowana 13.07.2024
EAN: 9780062946409Livesey MargotPerennial
How to Build a Haunted House (Tupta Frank)(Twarda)
51,68 zł
*Cena została zaktualizowana 13.07.2024
piPast the graveyard, brhear the howlbrof werewolf loggersbron the prowl.ippIn this spooky, rhyming romp, creatures of all types work together to build a haunted house for a vampire family in need of a home. From mummies to Cyclops to the skeleton crew, they're all working hard to get the job done. But they'd better hurry, because the house needs to be finished before the sun comes up. It's a good thing their foreman, Frankenstein, is here to keep everyone in check. Will they get it done in timep
The Power of Awareness (Neville)
37,84 zł
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bYour Perception Is Your Destinyb pDiscover one of the most extraordinary and practical books by mystic Neville Goddard-now presented in a special condensed edition with a new introduction by historian and New Thought voice Mitch Horowitz. pIn the space of a single sitting, you can experience the life-changing philosophy of The Power of Awareness. This elegant yet simple work teaches that your sense of self-image wields complete control over your life-and the book instructs on how to alter it for the better. pMitch's new introduction explains why iThe Power of Awarenessi is one of Neville's most important works, and how you can use it for maximum benefit today.
Storey Street novel (Earle Phil)
33,51 zł
*Cena została zaktualizowana 13.07.2024
The third hilarious children's novel from Demolition Dad and Superhero Street author Phil Earle, illustrated by Waterstones Children's Book Prize shortlisted artist, Sara Ogilvie. Perfect for fans of Roald Dahl, Liz Pichon and David Walliams.
Project X Origins (Noble James)
38,84 zł
*Cena została zaktualizowana 13.07.2024
SEEs' top astronauts are on a secret mission to the Moon in Theft in Space, but space is not as deserted as they first thought. Something is out there and it's heading straight for them. Can Team X come to their rescueThis book is part of Project X Origins, a ground-breaking guided reading programme for the whole school.
Monsters of the Deep (Wingrove David)
61,18 zł
*Cena została zaktualizowana 13.07.2024
The fifth volume in an extraordinary SF series set 200 years in the future when China rules the world. With Triad bosses and assassins, emperors, whores and visionaries, it is part heroic epic, part technological thriller, part romance - a compelling tale of fallen empires and ordinary people unified only by the dark history of their time.
Mercia (Whitehead Annie)
112,36 zł
*Cena została zaktualizowana 13.07.2024
Many people know about Wessex, the 'Last Kingdom' of the Anglo-Saxons to fall to the Northmen, but another kingdom, Mercia, once enjoyed supremacy over not only Wessex, but all of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. At its zenith Mercia controlled what is now Birmingham and London 8210 and the political, commercial paramountcy of the two today finds echoes in the past. Those interested in the period will surely have heard of Penda, Offa, and thelfl d, Lady of the Mercians 8210 but remarkably there is no single book that tells their story in its entirety, the story of the great kingdom of the midlands. Historically, the records are in two halves, pre- and post-Viking, in the way they have been preserved. Pre-Viking, virtually all the source material was written by the victims, or perceived victims, of Mercian aggression and expansion. Post-Viking, the surviving documents tend to hail from places which were not sacked or burned by the Northmen, particularly from Wessex, the traditional enemy of Mercia. The inclusion of those records here allows for the exploration of Mercia post-924. Mercia ceased to be a kingdom when Alfred the Great came to power, but its history did not end there. Examining the roles of the great ealdormen in the anti-monastic reaction of the tenth century, through the treachery of Eadric Streona in the eleventh, and the last, brave young earls who made a stand against William the Conqueror, this book shows the important role the Mercians played in the forging of the English nation.
The Attributes of God (Bray Gerald)
49,68 zł
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pstrongHow can we created beings know God the Creator strongp pThroughout history, the church has recognized the importance of studying and understanding God's attributes. As the Creator of all things, God is unique and cannot be compared to any of his creatures, so to know him, believers turn to the pages of Scripture. In emThe Attributes of Godem, renowned theologian Gerald Bray leads us on an exploration of God's being, his essential attributes, his relational attributes, and the relevance of his attributes to our thinking, lives, and worship. As we better understand God's attributes, we will learn to delight in who God is and how he has made himself known to us in Scripture.p
The Psychology of Extremism (Aumer Katherine V.)(Twarda)
630,46 zł
*Cena została zaktualizowana 13.07.2024
pbChapter 1 bbHomogamy and Tribalism How our desire to belong can lead to Extremist Identification By Martin Fiederbp pb bp pbChapter 2 Shared Hatred bringing People together and Bonding us By Katherine Aumerbp pb bp pbChapter 3 Emotional Contagion and our Relationships Dealing with the Impact of Extremist Identities with those we Love By Elaine Hatfield and Richard Rapsonbp pb bp pbChapter 4 bbDeplorables Reciprocal Dehumanization Across Party Lines By Emile Bruneau and Nour Kteilybp pb bp pbChapter 5 Identity, extremism, and de radicalization By Conor Seylebp
Nights of the Moonless Sky (Vishwanath N. S.)
140,86 zł
*Cena została zaktualizowana 13.07.2024
pIt is the sixteenth century in South India and the Vijayanagara Empire is in the throes of a succession struggle that threatens to disrupt the peace of the realm. br Far away from the chaos, the splendorous estate of Madhuvana sits in relative heaven where its seventy-year-old patriarch, Rajanna, has just died. After elders decree that his widows are to perform an ancient ritual in which a widow is cremated alive, the lives of three people intersect. Aadarshini is Rajanna's twenty-two-year-old third wife and mother of his heir. Azam Khan is Rajanna's trusted bodyguard, left rudderless after the death of his master. Prabhakara Swami is the enigmatic temple priest who holds the strings that control the fates of others. When Aadarshini is thrust into a forbidding darkness, she discovers what it means to become the hero of her own story as destiny tosses her around like a straw in the wind. While events in the capital close in around her, she must seize her fate and overpower not just those who want to see her down, but also her inner demons.br In this intriguing historical thriller, the widow of a South Indian patriarch embarks on a journey of self-discovery to take control of her destiny and survive in an uncertain world.p
The Human Condition (Gothard Carmine)(Paperback)
53,18 zł
*Cena została zaktualizowana 13.07.2024
pThe Human Condition is a collection of poetry and prose about what it means to be human. Throughout this book, the author explores important themes including love, loss, survival, and resiliency - all a vital part of the human condition.p
A Concise History of Switzerland (Church Clive H.)(Paperback)
121,86 zł
*Cena została zaktualizowana 13.07.2024
Despite its position at the heart of Europe and its quintessentially European nature, Switzerland's history is often overlooked within the English-speaking world. This comprehensive and engaging history of Switzerland traces the historical and cultural development of this fascinating but neglected European country from the end of the Dark Ages up to the present. The authors focus on the initial Confederacy of the Middle Ages the religious divisions which threatened it after 1500 and its surprising survival amongst Europe's monarchies the turmoil following the French Revolution and conquest, which continued until the Federal Constitution of 1848 the testing of the Swiss nation through the late nineteenth century and then two World Wars and the Depression of the 1930s and the unparalleled economic and social growth and political success of the post-war era. The book concludes with a discussion of the contemporary challenges, often shared with neighbours, that shape the country today.
How to Succeed at Interprofessional Education (Donnelly Peter)(Paperback)
142,20 zł
*Cena została zaktualizowana 13.07.2024
piHow to Succeed at Interprofessional Educationi offers an introduction to the principles and practice of interprofessional education IPE. By examining the rationale behind IPE, its application, and the frameworks for using it effectively, the author demonstrates that when healthcare professionals learn together and collaborate as a team, they are able to improve decision-making, provide patients with a higher quality of service, and ultimately improve outcomes.p piHow to Succeed at Interprofessional Educationi includes key terms and definitions, explains how to integrate IPE into curricula, highlights the challenges and constraints to the widespread introduction of IPE at the undergraduate and postgraduate level, and outlines an effective design model of IPE. This important book p ul liContains a review of the history of interprofessional education in various professionsli liOutlines the proven principles and practices of IPEli liIncludes information for integrating IPE in undergraduate and postgraduate curriculali liOffers illustrative examples of successful IPE in a range of related fieldsli ul pWritten for students and teachers in medicine as well as healthcare professionals, iHow to Succeed at Interprofessional Educationi addresses the need for health-related learning and teaching in multi- and interprofessional settings.p
Cape Refuge (Blackstock Terri)(Paperback)
58,51 zł
*Cena została zaktualizowana 13.07.2024
pstrongA gripping tale from emNew York Times embestselling suspense author Terri Blackstock. When the kindest couple in Cape Refuge is found murdered at their church, their daughter will have to find the killer . . . before her own husband is convicted.strongppWade and Thelma Owens run a halfway house on the small island of Cape Refuge that caters to wayward souls just out of prison. So when Wade and Thelma turn up brutally murdered, the town goes into shock, concerned that one of the Hanover House residents is a murderer who could strike again.ppShattered by her parents' deaths, Morgan Cleary struggles to keep Hanover House running while her husband, Jonathan, has been arrested for the murder.ppAs the killer runs free, a lethal race against time ensues, with far more than the halfway house at stake.pulliFull-length suspense novel with a thread of romanceliliPart of the Cape Refuge seriesulliBook One emCape RefugeemliliBook Two emSouthern StormemliliBook Three emRiver's EdgeemliliBook Four emBreaker's Reefemliulliul
Ultimate Skiing (LeMaster Ron)(Paperback)
119,52 zł
*Cena została zaktualizowana 13.07.2024
pBreak through to the next level of ski performance Renowned instructor, coach, and ski technique expert Ron LeMaster takes you beyond iThe Skier's Edgei by improving, expanding, and enhancing that seminal work. The result, iUltimate Skiingi, will help you master the mechanics of great skiing as never before--explaining how it's done, showing how it looks, and describing how it feels.ppLeMaster has made iUltimate Skiingi a comprehensive manual on ski technique. Learn how skis interact with the snow and how best to manipulate your skis, boots, and poles on the steepest slopes, in monster mogul fields, and through the deepest powder. Technique tips and kinesthetic cues help translate the sensation of each movement.ppThroughout, LeMaster incorporates his one-of-a-kind, full-color photo montages and 3-D diagrams to take you onto the slopes and into the action. These phenomenal images capture some of the world's greatest skiers while illustrating the correct techniques for every condition and terrain. ppTo get the most out of your skiing potential, you need the ultimate in ski instruction. You need iUltimate Skiingi.p
Black Mascara (Easton Rosalind)
25,34 zł
*Cena została zaktualizowana 13.07.2024
EAN: 9781912196418Easton RosalindSmith|Doorstop Books 2021
Letter to Beaumont, Letters Written from the Mountain, and Related Writings (Rousseau Jean-Jacques)(Paperback)
238,55 zł
*Cena została zaktualizowana 13.07.2024
Published between 1762 and 1765, these writings are the last works Rousseau wrote for publication during his lifetime. Responding in each to the censorship and burning of Emile and Social Contract, Rousseau airs his views on censorship, religion, and the relation between theory and practice in politics. pThe Letter to Beaumont is a response to a Pastoral Letter by Christophe de Beaumont, Archbishop of Paris also included in this volume, which attacks the religious teaching in Emile. Rousseau's response concerns the general theme of the relation between reason and revelation and contains his most explicit and boldest discussions of the Christian doctrines of creation, miracles, and original sin. pIn Letters Written from the Mountain, a response to the political crisis in Rousseau's homeland of Geneva caused by a dispute over the burning of his works, Rousseau extends his discussion of Christianity and shows how the political principles of the Social Contract can be applied to a concrete constitutional crisis. One of his most important statements on the relation between political philosophy and political practice, it is accompanied by a fragmentary History of the Government of Geneva. pFinally, Vision of Peter of the Mountain, Called the Seer is a humorous response to a resident of Motiers who had been inciting attacks on Rousseau during his exile there. Taking the form of a scriptural account of a vision, it is one of the rare examples of satire from Rousseau's pen and the only work he published anonymously after his decision in the early 1750s to put his name on all his published works. Within its satirical form, the Vision contains Rousseau's last public reflections on religious issues. pNeither the Letter to Beaumont nor the Letters Written from the Mountain has been translated into English since defective translations that appeared shortly after their appearance in French. These are the first translations of both the History and the Vision.

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