Blu-ray / Box Set

Van Helsing: Season One (Blu-ray / Box Set)
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All 13 episodes from the first season of the US fantasy drama starring Kelly Overton. After awakening from a three-year coma, Vanessa Van Helsing Overton, a descendant of the legendary Professor Abraham Van Helsing, becomes the leader of a resistance movement tasked with fighting back against the hordes of vampires which have taken over the world. The episodes are 'Help Me', 'Seen You', 'Stay Inside', 'Coming Back', 'Fear Her', 'Nothing Matters', 'For Me', 'Little Thing', 'Help Out', 'Stay Away', 'Last Time', 'He's Coming' and 'It Begins'.
Cobra (Blu-ray / Box Set)
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All six episodes from the British political drama starring Robert Carlyle and Victoria Hamilton. After a solar flare hits Earth and a nationwide power surge leaves the country without light or electricity, chaos descends when those worst affected by the crisis are the most vulnerable. When anarchists take to the streets to fight back against the government's lack of control, it is up to the Prime Minister, Robert Sutherland Carlyle and the members of COBRA to take decisive action and restore the country to normality before it's too late.
Discovery of Witches: Season 2 (Blu-ray / Box Set)
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All the episodes from the second season of the fantasy drama starring Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer and based on the novel by Deborah Harkness which follows a vampire and a witch as they navigate the modern world. With populations of witches, vampires and demons having greatly diminished in the 21st century, vampire Matthew Clairmont Goode must blend in to his surroundings while witch Diana Bishop Palmer tries to leave her secret world behind as she carries out her life as a historian. When she stumbles across a bewitched book in an Oxford library, however, Diana is dragged back into witchcraft and must uncover the origins of the book. As Matthew encounters Diana and informs her that he has been searching for this very book for over a century, the pair must work as a team to protect it from evil forces while crossing the boundaries of forbidden relationships amongst their kind. In this season the pair travel back in time where they hope an encounter with the all-powerful Goody Alsop Sheila Hancock can enlighten Diana on how to harness her magic abilities.
Scary Movie Trilogy (Keenen Ivory Wayans;David Zucker;) (Blu-ray / Box Set)
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Triple bill of comedy horrors. In 'Scary Movie' 2000 a group of teenagers are stalked by a masked killer who wants them dead because of their involvement in a car accident that happened last Halloween. The kids are also being stalked by a television news reporter determined to get the story. One by one, the young friends are dispatched in a grisly and ridiculous fashion. 'Scary Movie 2' 2001 follows what happens when the students from the first film are hired to investigate a series of strange occurrences in an old mansion named Hell House. Cindy Anna Faris, Ray Shawn Wayans, Shorty Marlon Wayans, and Brenda Regina Hall all turn up at the appointed hour, ready to take on all the ghosts and spooks the house has to offer. But when their professor is killed, the students find themselves trapped in the house with phantoms far more bizarre than any they had imagined. Finally, in 'Scary Movie 3' 2003, now out of college, Cindy has become a TV news reporter out to find a hard-hitting news story. She soon uncovers all kinds of mysterious threats including crop circles, an alien invasion and a killer videotape that is somehow linked to the death of her best friend Brenda.
Star Trek: Discovery - Season Three (Blu-ray / Box Set)
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All 13 episodes from the third season of the sci-fi television drama set a decade prior to events in the original 'Star Trek' series. The show follows the missions and adventures of the crew aboard the USS Discovery as they navigate the ongoing war between the Klingons and the United Federation of Planets. In this season, the crew of the Discovery become separated after venturing 930 years into the future. The episodes are 'That Hope Is You Part 1', 'Far from Home', 'People of Earth', 'Forget Me Not', 'Die Trying', 'Scavengers', 'Unification III', 'The Sanctuary', 'Terra Firma Part 1', 'Terra Firma Part 2', 'Su'Kal', 'There Is a Tide...' and 'That Hope Is You Part 2'.
Lubitsch in Berlin - The Masters of Cinema Series (Ernst Lubitsch) (Blu-ray / Box Set)
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Collection of six films from the pre-Hollywood, silent era of the German director Ernst Lubitsch. The collection includes 'Ich Mochte Kein Mann Sein' 1918, 'Die Puppe' 1919, 'Die Austernprinzessin' 1919, 'Sumurun' 1920, 'Anna Boleyn' 1920 and 'Die Bergkatze' 1921.
American Gods: Complete Season Two (Blu-ray / Box Set)
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All eight episodes from the second season of the American fantasy series based on Neil Gaiman's novel of the same name. After being released from prison early following the death of his wife, Shadow Moon Ricky Whittle is offered a job as a bodyguard by mysterious stranger Mr Wednesday Ian McShane. However, it soon emerges that Mr Wednesday is in fact an ancient deity travelling across the country rounding up all the old gods in anticipation of an epic battle against a new and powerful force intent on taking control of their world. Caught in the middle, Shadow faces a number of tough choices as he struggles to accept his place in this new reality. The episodes are 'House On the Rock', 'The Beguiling Man', 'Muninn', 'The Greatest Story Ever Told', 'The Ways of the Dead', 'Donar the Great', 'Treasure of the Sun' and 'Moon Shadow'.
Killjoys: Seasons One - Five (Blu-ray / Box Set)
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All the episodes from the first five seasons of the Canadian sci-fi drama about three intergalactic bounty hunters known as killjoys - Dutch Hannah John-Kamen, John Aaron Ashmore and D'avin Luke MacFarlane - who collect criminals from around the Quad while also navigating complex planetary politics. In difficult times, the killjoy trio come under threat from Khlyen Rob Stewart, Dutch's former mentor whose commissions cause tension in the group and put them in grave danger. Season 1 episodes are 'Bangarang', 'The Sugar Point Run', 'The Harvest', 'Vessel', 'A Glitch in the System', 'One Blood', 'Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye', 'Come the Rain', 'Enemy Khlyen' and 'Escape Velocity'. Season 2 episodes are 'Dutch and the Real Girl', 'Wild, Wild Westerley', 'Shaft', 'Schooled', 'Meet the Parents', 'I Love Lucy', 'Heart-Shaped Box', 'Full Metal Monk', 'Johnny Be Good' and 'How to Kill Friends and Influence People'. Season 3 episodes are 'Boondoggie', 'A Skinner, Darkly', 'The Hullen Have Eyes', 'The Lion, the Witch the Warlord', 'Attack the Rack', 'Necropolis Now', 'The Wolf You Feed', 'Heist, Heist Baby', 'Reckoning Ball' and 'Wargasm'. Season 4 episodes are 'The Warrior Princess Bride', 'Johnny Dangerously', 'Bro-d Tri', 'What to Expect When You're Expecting... an Alien Parasite', 'Greening Pains', 'Baby, Face Killer', 'O Mother, Where Art Thou', 'It Takes a Pillage', 'The Kids Are Alright' and 'Sporemageddon'. Season 5 episodes are 'Run, Yala, Run', 'Blame It On the Rain', 'Three Killjoys and a Lady', 'Ship Outta Luck', 'A Bout, a Girl', 'Three Mutineers', 'Cherchez La Bh', 'Don't Stop Beweaving', 'Terraformance Anxiety' and 'Last Dance'.
Looking: The Complete Series and the Movie (Blu-ray / Box Set)
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All 18 episodes from the first two seasons and the feature-length finale of the HBO comedy drama following the lives and loves of three gay men in San Francisco. Patrick Jonathan Groff, Agustn Frankie J. lvarez and Dom Murray Bartlett are best friends who help each other navigate their way through the trials of their professional and private lives. Season 1 episodes are 'Looking for Now', 'Looking for Uncut', 'Looking at Your Browser History', 'Looking for 220Hour', 'Looking for the Future', 'Looking in the Mirror', 'Looking for a Plus-One' and 'Looking Glass'. Season 2 episodes are 'Looking for the Promised Land', 'Looking for Results', 'Looking Top to Bottom', 'Looking Down the Road', 'Looking for Truth', 'Looking for Gordon Freeman', 'Looking for a Plot', 'Looking for Glory', 'Looking for Sanctuary' and 'Looking for Home'. The collection also includes 'Looking The Movie' 2016.
Pennyworth: The Complete First Season (Blu-ray / Box Set)
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All ten episodes from the first season of the US crime drama which chronicles the early career of Wayne family butler Alfred Pennyworth Jack Bannon. In an alternate 1960s London, former SAS soldier Pennyworth starts up his own security firm and is employed by billionaire Thomas Wayne Ben Aldridge, who has become a target of the Raven Society as they set in motion their plot to overthrow the British government. The episodes are 'Pilot', 'The Landlord's Daughter', 'Martha Kane', 'Lady Penelope', 'Shirley Bassey', 'Cilla Black', 'Julie Christie', 'Sandie Shaw', 'Alma Cogan' and 'Marianne Faithfull'.
Supernatural: The Complete Fifteenth Season (Blu-ray / Box Set)
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All 20 episodes from the 15th and final season of the American fantasy drama about two brothers who battle supernatural forces. Sam and Dean Winchester Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles were raised to fight the paranormal by their father after their mother was killed by a malevolent demon. Bound together by blood and tragedy, the brothers spend their lives battling a host of spirits, demons and other dark forces. The episodes are 'Back and to the Future', 'Raising Hell', 'The Rupture', 'Atomic Monsters', 'Proverbs 173', 'Golden Time', 'Last Call', 'Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven', 'The Trap', 'The Heroes' Journey', 'The Gamblers', 'Galaxy Brain', 'Destiny's Child', 'Last Holiday', 'Gimme Shelter', 'Drag Me Away from You', 'Unity', 'Despair', 'Inherit the Earth' and 'Carry On'.
Deadwood: The Ultimate Collection (Blu-ray / Box Set)
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All 36 episodes from HBO's critically-acclaimed, controversial western series, starring Timothy Olyphant and Ian McShane, set in the violent and corrupt South Dakota town of Deadwood in the days after Custer's defeat at the Little Big Horn. Episodes are 'Deadwood', 'Deep Water', 'Reconnoitering the Rim', 'Here Was a Man', 'The Trial of Jack McCall', 'Plague', 'Bullock Returns to the Camp', 'Suffer the Little Children', 'No Other Sons Or Daughters', 'Mister Wu', 'Jewel's Boot is Made For Walking', 'Sold Under Sin', 'A Lie Agreed Upon Part 1', 'A Lie Agreed Upon Part 2', 'New Money', 'Requiem for a Gleet', 'Complications', 'Something Very Expensive', 'E.B. Was Left Out', 'Childish Things', 'Amalgamation and Capital', 'Advances, None Miraculous', 'The Whores Can Come', 'Boy the Earth Talks to', 'Tell Your God to Ready for Blood', 'I Am Not the Fine Man You Take Me For', 'True Colors', 'Full Faith and Credit', 'A Two-Headed Beast', 'A Rich Find', 'Unauthorized Cinnamon', 'Leviathan Smiles', 'Amateur Night', 'A Constant Throb', 'The Catbird Seat' and 'Tell Him Something Pretty'.
Luther: Series 1-5 (Blu-ray / Box Set)
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All 20 episodes from the first five series of the BBC crime thriller starring Idris Elba as the brilliant but flawed murder detective John Luther. The detective sees it as his personal crusade to track down the depraved killers it is his job to identify. But as he struggles with personal demons of his own, his strong moral code cannot always be relied upon to protect him from the dangerous violence of his own emotions and passions. Warren Brown, Dermot Crowley, Michael Smiley and Ruth Wilson co-star.
Generation Kill (Susanna White;Simon Cellan Jones;) (Blu-ray / Box Set)
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All seven episodes of the HBO mini-series following the opening weeks of the Iraq war from the perspective of a batallion of young American marines. Far from home and positioned at the forefront of the assault on Baghdad, the men rely on humour, grit and camaraderie as they face unwieldy military bureaucracy, over-zealous and incompetent commanding officers, constantly changing rules of engagement, a non-existent strategy, severe deficiencies in necessary armour and supplies and an enemy they cannot begin to understand.
Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ: Part 2 (Yoshiyuki Tomino) (Blu-ray / Box Set)
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Episodes 26-47 of the Mecha anime series directed and co-written by Yoshiyuki Tomino. In the wake of a terrible war between the Anti-Earth Union Group AEUG and the Titans of the Earth Federation, a third faction takes advantage of the chaos to gain control over Earth and its colonies. Neo-Zeon, led by Haman Karn voice of Yoshiko Sakakibara, launches a surprise attack on the AEUG flagship while it is docked at Shangri-La for repairs. Young junk dealer Judau Ashta Kazuki Yao is looking to steal a mobile suit and sell it to fund his sister's education when the Neo-Zeon attack draws him into a conflict across the stars. The episodes are 'Masai's Heart', 'Leina's Blood Part I', 'Leina's Blood Part II', 'Runaway Roux', 'Blue Team Part I', 'Blue Team Part II', 'Beyond the Salt Lake', 'An Afternoon in Dublin', 'Kamille's Voice', 'The Sky Is Falling', 'Puru Two's Descent', 'Nahel Argama', 'The Iron Wall of the Jamru Fin', 'The Second Coming of Sarasa', 'Tigerbaum's Dream', 'Rasara's Life', 'Core 3 Maiden Part I', 'Core 3 Maiden Part II', 'Emary, Wilting Flower', 'The Battle of Axis', 'Vibration' and 'Warrior, Once More...'.
Turn a Gundam: Part One (Yoshiyuki Tomino) (Blu-ray / Box Set)
274,39 zł
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Episodes 1-25 from another instalment of the Japanese sci-fi anime set in the future where warring factions do battle in mobile robotic suits known as Gundams as they fight for supremacy over the Earth's dwindling resources. When Rolan Cehak voice of Romi Park, a citizen from the advanced nation of Moonrace, is sent to Earth on a scouting mission he finds himself assimilating with an aristocratic family. However, the arrival of Moonrace troops looking to take the Earth by force results in Rolan playing the role of mediator as he attempts to stop all-out war. The episodes are 'Howling at the Moon', 'The Coming of Age Ceremony', 'After the Festival', 'Hometown Soldier', 'Dianna's Arrival', 'Forgotten Past', 'Noble Lady Practice', 'Laura's Cow', 'Corin Calls It a Gundam', 'Tomb Sweeping', 'Norse City Is Destroyed', 'Underground Corridor', 'An Elder Woman', 'Separated, Again', 'The Disappearing Memory', 'All About Turn a Gundam', 'Blowing Dust for the Founding of a Nation', 'Kihel and Dianna', 'Sochie's War', 'Anis' Power', 'Dianna's Struggle', 'Harry's Disaster', 'The Last Words of Teteth', 'Laura's Long Cry' and 'Willgem's Take-Off'.
Roberto Rossellini: The War Trilogy (Roberto Rossellini) (Blu-ray / Box Set)
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Trilogy of war dramas directed by Roberto Rossellini. 'Rome, Open City' 1945 takes place during the last days of the Nazi occupation of Italy during World War II. Resistance leader Giorgio Manfredi Marcello Pagliero flees the Gestapo and seeks a place to hide with the help of his friend Francesco Francesco Grandjacquet, his pregnant fiance Pina Anna Magnani and the priest who is due to marry them, Don Pietro Pellegrini Aldo Fabrizi. Giorgio's ex-girlfriend Marina Maria Michi betrays him and his fellow fighters to the Gestapo in order to get her hands on some luxury items and it's not long before the Nazis and the local police find him and Don Pietro. They are captured and tortured but will they crack under the pain or be executed for their silence 'Pais' 1946 is Rossellini's account of the liberation of Italy during World War II, told in six chapters. In each chapter a different view of the liberation is given as it spreads across the country. Different characters are also followed in each segment including American chaplains, soldiers, monks and prostitutes. Finally, 'Germany Year Zero' 1948 is Roberto Rossellini's moving account of life in post-war Germany telling the story of a 13-year old black marketeer who poisons his ailing father out of pity and necessity.
Line of Duty: Complete Series One to Six (Blu-ray / Box Set)
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Every episode from all six series of the British crime drama starring Martin Compston, Vicky McClure and Adrian Dunbar as police officers looking to root out corruption within the force. In the first series, Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott Compston is transferred to AC-12, a unit assigned to investigate corruption within the police force. Working with Detective Constable Kate Fleming McClure, Arnott quickly finds himself immersed in a case involving Detective Chief Inspector Tony Gates Lennie James. In the second series, an ambush of a police convoy sparks alarm when three officers are killed and a witness in protective custody is seriously injured. With only one survivor, Detective Inspector Lindsay Denton Keeley Hawes, department AC-12 is brought in to solve the case. In the third series, Sergeant Danny Waldron Daniel Mays and his team are assigned the case of a suspected gang member who has been arrested on suspicion of plotting a gangland murder. When Waldron shoots the suspect in cold blood and stages the scene to look like self-defence, DI Denton brings in Waldron for questioning. In the fourth series, AC-12 Superintendent Hastings Dunbar places DS Fleming undercover to investigate a possible miscarriage of justice in a murder investigation. Head of the case DCI Roz Huntley Thandie Newton thinks she's finally found her suspect after months of searching for a serial killer, however, those at AC-12 are led to believe she may be concealing valuable evidence. As new revelations begin to emerge, will they be able to identify the real perpetrator In the fifth series, an attack on a police convoy kills three officers placing several others under suspicion. Meanwhile, an undercover officer working within the organised crime group responsible for the attack may have ventured too deep when the group realises there is an informant amongst them. In the sixth series, an unsolved murder forces the team to investigate the suspicious methods deployed by colleag
Steve Martin Collection (Ron Howard;Frank Oz;Jonathan Lynn;Carl Reiner;) (Blu-ray / Box Set)
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Collection of four comedies starring Steve Martin. In 'Bowfinger' 1999 Bobby Bowfinger Martin is Hollywood's least successful director. He figures that the only way to boost his flagging reputation is to make a film with megastar Kit Ramsey Eddie Murphy. However, the only way to get Kit into the movie is to film him surreptitiously, while actors approach him and say their lines. Bowfinger also stumbles upon Kit's movie-buff brother Jeff Murphy, whom he convinces to impersonate his befuddled brother. In 'Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid' 1982 Rigby Reardon Martin is a down on his luck private investigator hired by Juliet Forrest Rachel Ward to investigate the suspicious death of her father, a noted scientist and cheesemaker. When Reardon acquires a list of potential suspects, he begins to encounter a number of sinister individuals in his search for answers. 'Parenthood' 1989 follows Gil Buckman Martin who is a father rather too determined to give his kids the love and care which had been withheld from him as a child. Meanwhile, his brother-in-law Nathan Rick Moranis is preparing his three-year-old daughter for life in the fast lane by an accelerated learning programme which causes her to miss out on the more basic joys of childhood. Gil's sister Helen Dianne Wiest, a single parent, struggles to control her uncommunicative son and wild daughter while black sheep of the family Larry Tom Hulce returns to sponge off his father Frank Jason Robards in order to pay off his gambling debts. Finally, in 'Sgt. Bilko' 1996 there is an enclave of the US military base Fort Baxter that is forever Las Vegas, with Sgt. Ernie Bilko Martin presiding over a ragbag troop of soldiers more adept at loading dice than guns. The hard-line Major Thorn Phil Hartman has had run-ins with Bilko before, and when he takes charge of the camp he is determined to put an end to the inveterate gambler's extracurricular scams.
30 Rock: Season 1 (Blu-ray / Box Set)
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All 21 episodes of the high-calibre US comedy series set in the offices of an American TV network. Liz Lemon Tina Fey is head script-writer for comedy sketch show 'The Girlie Show', who has to use all her political skills to keep her eccentric new star Tracy Jordan Tracy Morgan and arrogant, new-ideas boss Jack Donaghy Alec Baldwin in check, while she tries to keep the ship from sinking. Episodes comprise 'Pilot', 'The Aftermath', 'Blind Date', 'Jack The Writer', 'Jack-Tor', 'Jack Meets Dennis','Tracy Does Conan', 'The Break-Up', 'The Baby Show', 'The Rural Juror', 'The Head and The Hair', 'Black Tie', 'Up All Night', 'The C Word', 'Hard Ball', 'The Source Awards', 'The Fighting Irish', 'Fireworks', 'Corporate Crush', 'Cleveland' and 'Hiatus'.
Columbo: The Complete First Season (Steven Spielberg;Bernard Kowalski;Jack Smight;Hy Averback;Norman Lloyd;Edward M. Abroms;Peter Falk;) (Blu-ray / B
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All the episodes from the first season of the drama featuring Peter Falk in his now-classic depiction of the trench coat-clad detective Columbo, who uses his humble ways and disingenuous demeanour to winkle out even the most inconspicuous of crimes. The episodes are 'Murder By the Book', 'Death Lends a Hand', 'Dead Weight', 'Suitable for Framing', 'Lady in Waiting', 'Short Fuse' and 'Blueprint for Murder'. The collection also includes the two feature-length pilot episodes 'Prescription Murder' 1968 and 'Ransom for a Dead Man' 1971.
Heroes: Seasons 1-4/Heroes Reborn (Blu-ray / Box Set)
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All the episodes from the US drama which follows ordinary people across the globe who discover they have extraordinary powers. Season 1 episodes are 'Genesis', 'Don't Look Back', 'One Giant Leap', 'Collision', 'Hiros', 'Better Halves', 'Nothing to Hide', 'Seven Minutes to Midnight', 'Homecoming', 'Six Months Later', 'Fallout', 'Godsend', 'The Fix', 'Distractions', 'Run!', 'Unexpected', 'Company Man', 'Parasite', '7', 'Five Years Gone', 'The Hard Part', 'Landslide' and 'How to Stop an Exploding Man'. Season 2 episodes are 'Four Months Later...', 'Lizards', 'Kindred', 'The Kindness of Strangers', 'Fight Or Flight', 'The Line', 'Out of Time', 'Four Months Ago...', 'Cautionary Tales', 'Truth and Consequences' and 'Powerless'. Season 3 episodes are 'The Second Coming', 'The Butterfly Effect', 'One of Us, One of Them', 'I Am Become Death', 'Angels and Monsters', 'Eris Quod Sum', 'Villains', 'It's Coming', 'The Eclipse Part 1', 'The Eclipse Part 2', 'Our Father', 'Dual', 'A Clear and Present Danger', 'Trust and Blood', 'Building 26', 'Cold Wars', 'Exposed', 'Shades of Gray', 'Cold Snap', 'Into Asylum', 'Turn and Face the Strange', '1961', 'I Am Sylar' and 'An Invisible Thread'. Season 4 episodes are 'Orientation', 'Ink', 'Acceptance', 'Hysterical Blindness', 'Tabula Rasa', 'Strange Attractors', 'Once Upon a Time in Texas', 'Shadowboxing', 'Brother's Keeper', 'Thanksgiving', 'The Fifth Stage', 'Upon This Rock', 'Let It Bleed', 'Close to You', 'PassFail', 'The Art of Deception', 'The Wall' and 'Brave New World'. Also included is the miniseries 'Heroes Reborn'. One year after a terrorist attack took place in Odessa, Texas, the government and general public still hold evolved humans - known as 'evos' - responsible. All over the world, people are once again discovering they have superhuman powers including teenager Tommy Robbie Kay in Illinois and Miko Kiki Sukezane in Tokyo, and with Noah Bennet Jack Coleman in hiding, it is left to the inexperienced to unite,
Matt Helm Lounge: The Silencers/Murderers' Row/The Ambushers/ (Phil Karlson;Henry Levin;) (Blu-ray / Box Set)
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Four comedy spy dramas starring Dean Martin as suave American secret agent Matt Helm. In 'The Silencers' 1966 Matt Helm comes out of retirement in order to take on an international agency known as Big O, led by Tung Tze Victor Buono. When Big O's henchmen attempt to kill Helm, he is saved by another agent known as Tina Daliah Lavi, and together the pair work together in order to bring down Tze and his evil plot. In 'Murderers' Row' 1966 Helm's nemesis Julian Wall Karl Malden has stolen a weapons expert to use his skill for his own nefarious ends. With the help of go-go dancer Suzie Ann-Margret Helm does all he can to stop Wall's evil plan. In 'The Ambushers' 1967 Helm aides his colleague Sheila Sommers Janice Rule who has had her memory wiped by villain Ortega Albert Salmi. Meanwhile, Helm must also attempt to retrieve a flying saucer that has been stolen from the American government. Finally, in 'The Wrecking Crew' 1968 a train hijacking in Denmark results in Helm being sent to Europe to attempt to retrieve the stolen gold. However, he has his work cut out for him as Count Massimo Contini Nigel Green is linked to the robbery and his fellow agent Freya Carlson Sharon Tate struggles to come to grips with the nature of her role.
Yona of the Dawn: The Complete Series (Kazuhiro Yoneda) (Blu-ray / Box Set)
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EAN: 5022366966245Kazuhiro YonedaFunimation 571
Four Film Noir Classics (Abraham Polonsky;Joseph H. Lewis;Fritz Lang;Robert Siodmak;) (Blu-ray / Box Set)
260,05 zł
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Collection of four film noir features. In 'The Dark Mirror' 1946, after a man is found with a knife in his back, Detective Stevenson Thomas Mitchell narrows his list of suspects down to identical twin sisters Terry and Ruth both played by Olivia de Havilland. When psychologist Scott Elliott Lew Ayres is then enlisted to help sort good sister from bad, a psychotic tale of sibling rivalry unfolds. 'Secret Beyond the Door' 1947 follows Celia Joan Bennett as she meets millionaire Mark Michael Redgrave whilst on holiday and decides to get married despite knowing very little about her new man. Her worst fears are confirmed on their honeymoon when Mark suddenly becomes cold towards her, leaving Celia fearing for her safety. 'Force of Evil' 1948 follows Joe Morse John Garfield, the fast-talking lawyer of crime boss Ben Tucker Roy Roberts, who keeps one eye on his small-time crook of a brother who runs a numbers' racket. When Tucker decides to force his brother out of business, Joe's loyalties are split. Finally, in 'The Big Combo' 1955 gangster Mr. Brown Richard Conte begins a passionate relationship with society woman Susan Jean Wallace. Mr. Brown soon runs into trouble with detective Leonard Diamond Cornel Wilde however, who is obsessed with destroying Brown's criminal empire and winning the heart of Susan in the process.
Dragon Ball Z KAI: Final Chapters - Part 3 (Blu-ray / Box Set)
161,53 zł
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Episodes 145-167 of the Japanese anime remake following the adventures of Goku voice of Masako Nozawa as he attempts to save the Earth from an alien invasion. In these episodes Gohan Nozawa and Goku come back to the world of the living to assist the others in defeating the evil Majin Buu Kozo Shioya. The episodes are 'Eliminating Buu With Ghosts A Knockout Kamikaze Attack!', 'Gotenks' Ace in the Hole! Transformation! Super Gotenks 3!', 'On a Roll! Buu-Buu-Volleyball!', 'Thanks for Waiting, Everyone! A Reborn Gohan Heads for Earth!', 'Buu Overwhelmed! Ultimate Gohan's Super Power!', 'Buu's Sinister Scheme Gotenks is Absorbed', 'The Elder Kai's Brainstorm! Return to Life, Goku!', 'Miracles Happen Once... Will Goku and He Make the Ultimate Combination', 'Invincible! The Ultimate Warrior Vegetto', 'Buu's Ace in the Hole! The Warriors are Absorbed!', 'Rescue Gohan and the Others! Goku and Vegeta's Infiltration Mission!', 'Emergency Escape from the Body! Buu's Retrogression Into Evil!', 'Earth Destroyed! The Initial Buu's Nefarious Strike', 'A Final Showdown at the Summit! Face-Off in the World of the Kais!', 'Hang in There, Kakarot! You Are No. 1!', 'A One-Minute Match-Up! Vegeta's Life-Threatening Stall for Time!', 'An Inspired Strategy Make Two Wishes Come True!', 'Share Your Spirit Energy With Me! I'm Making a Huge Spirit Bomb!', 'You Are the Savior of the World! Everbody's Spirit Bomb Completed!', 'You Really Are the Greatest, Goku!! The Demise of Majin Buu', 'Peace Returns! A Time of Rest for the Warriors!', 'And So, Ten Years Later... A Long-Awaited World Martial Arts Tournament!' and 'Even Stronger! Goku's Dream is Never-Ending!'.
Handel: Glyndebourne (Barrie Kosky;Robert Carsen;David McVicar;) (Blu-ray / Box Set)
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Collection of three operas by George Frideric Handel performed by The Glyndebourne Chorus and the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment. From 2005 is 'Giulio Cesare' starring Sarah Connolly in the title role with William Christie conducting and David McVicar directing. 2011's performance of 'Rinaldo' sees Sonia Prina take the lead role, Ottavio Dantone conduct and Robert Carsen provides direction. Finally, 'Saul' is from a 2015 performance where Ivor Bolton conducts and performers include Christopher Purves, Iestyn Davies and Lucy Crowe.
Art of Marianela Nuez (Blu-ray / Box Set)
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Collection of four ballet performances showcasing dancer Marianela Nuez with The Royal Ballet. The ballets included in the collection are 'Don Quixote', 'La Fille Mal Gardee', 'Giselle' and 'Swan Lake'.
Evil Dead Trilogy (Sam Raimi) (Blu-ray / Box Set)
105,69 zł
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A trilogy of spine-chillers from Sam Raimi. 'Evil Dead' 1980 is Raimi's low-budget gore-fest about a group of American teenage yuppies on holiday in a remote cabin in the Tennessee mountains. They discover an old book which, once they have read it, summons up all kinds of horrors the trees come alive and so do the dead, who take over the bodies of the living. In 'Evil Dead 2' 1987 a young couple chance upon the same remote Tennessee cabin as in the original, unleashing the forces of evil with horrific consequences for themselves and their friends. The only survivor, Ash Bruce Campbell, who also starred in the first film, deranged after having to dismember his possessed, dead girlfriend, fights back with a chainsaw. Whilst 'Army of Darkness - The Medieval Dead' 1992 is the third in the series. Ash Campbell and his chainsaw are transported back in time to the 14th century via an evil book. In his attempts to return to the present he has to battle skeletons and Dark Age warriors, as well as romancing a medieval damsel.
Bad Boys/Bad Boys II/Bad Boys for Life (Bilall Fallah;Adil El Arbi;Michael Bay;) (Blu-ray / Box Set)
79,52 zł
*Cena została zaktualizowana 19.07.2024
Triple bill of action comedies. In 'Bad Boys' 1995 detectives Mike Lowrey Will Smith and Marcus Burnett Martin Lawrence must catch the thief who stole 100 million worth of confiscated heroin from under their noses to save their department from being closed down by the FBI. Beautiful, but not altogether trustworthy witness Julie Ta Leoni comes forward to help the two cops, who both fall for her straight away. This leads to a series of identity changes and bullet dodging. In 'Bad Boys II' 2003 Lowrey and Burnett are investigating an ecstasy drug ring on the streets of Miami after being assigned to a high-tech task force. Their inquiries lead them to the vicious Cuban Johnny Tapia Jordi Moll, but as usual things do not go according to plan as tensions mount between the two cops. Explosions and violent gun battles ensue as they wreak a path of destruction in the pursuit of justice. Finally, in 'Bad Boys for Life' 2020, as Mike and Marcus prepare to start taking things easy as age catches up with them, an old enemy threatens to destroy their peaceful descent into retirement. With Mike assigned to the A.M.M.O department and Marcus now an inspector, they must reunite if they are to defend themselves and their right to retire.
Dragon Ball Z: Season 3 (Tadayoshi Yamamuro) (Blu-ray / Box Set)
181,20 zł
*Cena została zaktualizowana 19.07.2024
The third season of the anime following the adventures of Goku voice of Masako Nozawa as he attempts to save the Earth from an alien invasion. The episodes are 'Password Is Porunga', 'Piccolo's Return', 'The Fusion', 'Fighting Power One Million', 'Gohan Attacks', 'Piccolo the Super Namek', 'Dj Vu', 'Frieza's Second Transformation', 'Another Transformation', 'Dende's Demise', 'The Renewed Goku', 'The End of Vegeta', 'The Ultimate Battle', 'Clash of the Super Powers', 'Frieza's Boast', 'Bold and Fearless', 'Embodiment of Fire', 'Trump Card', 'Keep the Chance Alive', 'Power of the Spirit', 'Transformed at Last', 'Explosion of Anger', 'Namek's Destruction', 'A Final Attack', 'Approaching Destruction', 'Gohan Returns', 'The Last Wish', 'Duel On a Vanishing Planet', 'Pathos of Frieza', 'Frieza Defeated!', 'Mighty Blast of Rage', 'Namek's Explosion...Goku's End' and 'Goku's Alive!!'.
Nutty Professor/The Nutty Professor 2 (Peter Segal;Tom Shadyac;) (Blu-ray / Box Set)
70,18 zł
*Cena została zaktualizowana 19.07.2024
Double bill of American comedies starring Eddie Murphy as the titular Professor Sherman Klump as well as Ernie Klump, Granny Klump, and Mama and Papa Klump. In 'The Nutty Professor' 1996, Sherman Klump, a shy, overweight chemistry professor invents a slimming formula which transforms him into the svelte, fast-talking Buddy Love also Murphy. His new-found confidence means he can now happily date his pretty colleague Carla Purty Jada Pinkett Smith, but when Buddy starts to take over, Sherman risks jeopardising his own career and his true self being lost forever. In the sequel 'The Nutty Professor 2' 2000 Sherman Klump, having decided to get married, asks for the hand of fellow scientist Denise Gaines Janet Jackson and is overjoyed when she accepts. But when Klump's fast-talking alter ego Buddy Love comes back on the scene, the ensuing havoc threatens to ruin all the professor's plans.

Witaj w naszej kategorii Blu-ray / Box Set! Tutaj znajdziesz największy wybór kolekcji filmów oraz seriali w formacie Blu-ray. Nasze box sety to idealne rozwiązanie dla prawdziwych kinomaniaków, którzy chcą cieszyć się ulubionymi produkcjami w najwyższej jakości obrazu i dźwięku. Dzięki naszej bogatej ofercie znajdziesz zarówno klasyki kina, jak i najnowsze hity filmowe, które zapewnią Ci godziny niezapomnianego rozrywki. Niezależnie od tego, czy preferujesz kino akcji, romans, science fiction czy animację, u nas znajdziesz wszystko, czego potrzebujesz. Nasze box sety Blu-ray to również świetny pomysł na prezent dla bliskiej osoby, która kocha kino. Dzięki nim będziesz mógł stworzyć własną kolekcję ulubionych filmów i seriali, które będziesz mógł oglądać wielokrotnie, ciesząc się doskonałą jakością obrazu i dźwięku. Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z naszą szeroką ofertą box setów Blu-ray i znalezienia czegoś idealnego dla siebie. Kupując u nas, masz pewność, że otrzymujesz produkty wysokiej jakości w atrakcyjnej cenie. Zachęcamy również do śledzenia naszej strony, ponieważ regularnie aktualizujemy naszą ofertę o nowości i promocje. Wybierz już dzisiaj box set Blu-ray, który spełni wszystkie Twoje oczekiwania i pozwoli Ci cieszyć się ulubionymi filmami w najlepszym możliwym formacie!


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